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Chastity Control by UK Mistress Crystal


Do you fantasize about worshipping Mistress Crystal’s beautiful feet? Do you dream at night of total female supremacy . Then maybe enforced chastity is for you.

CB3000 male chastity control devicePerhaps you have an overwhelming desire to play with yourself whilst looking at my pictures. I can’t have that. Mistress would be extremely displeased, and besides you may feel that you have been left isolated at your PC with nothing to show for your naughty exploits.

Let me help you to become a true submissive by introducing chastity control.

The rules are simple. You purchase a chastity device such as the one shown in the picture. These are available from Top To Bottom Leathers

They will have a numbered tag so no cheating allowed!

You will receive an email from me instructing you to purchase the CB3000 male chastity device and to pay a tribute of £20 for the privilege. This shows that you are genuinely wanting to please your Mistress. Once you have advised Mistress of your purchase you will then - subject to my discretion - you will be instructed on web cam to put on the device. Then you secure with a uniquely numbered tag and the fun begins!

Each time you have an erection you will feel it rub against you whether it be in the bedroom at night whilst thinking of your Mistress or when wearing clothes at work. You will soon learn the art of masturbation control and will learn the art of being a true submissive.

Once Mistress has decided that you may take off the device then she will instruct you to break the lock tags providing she can watch on cam and make sure that the tag has not been interfered with prior to removal; also a suitable tribute will already have been paid. You will experience an unbelievable orgasm for having relied totally on your Mistress for control. Those who keep a suitable chastity diary are treated leniently for their honesty and submission.

How much you will have to pay depends on how good a slave you are! the cost of removal is between 50 pounds and 200 pounds, depending on wether you have kept a diary and what contact you have had with your Mistress during your time of chastity.

Mistress, I wish to apply for enforced chastity and to show my commitment i am making a payment of £20. I have emailed you and await your further instruction.

Pay me now for this unique and erotic experience. I know you will be back again and again.


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