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Should you be privileged enough to be given an invitation to come and serve this Mistress you will have spoken on the phone first.

UK Mistress CrystalBefore phoning please be clear about the following:

Domination is not prostitution

Privacy to be respected at all times

Rudeness will absolutely not be tolerated you will be cut off

Do not expect to have a relationship. THIS Mistress does NOT have relationships with subs as she already has a full time relationship

Offers of gifts, buy now pay later or any other form of payment are not acceptable

No offers from men saying how handsome and worth it they are

You are a slave and you will submit!

Mistress Crystal works from well equipped dungeons throughout the UK. Appointments are usually be booked in advance. Mistress offers an outcall service by arrangement and will only do overnight stays as an exception

Mistress Crystal requires a £50 deposit prior to booking a session.

I am happy to deal with all genuine submissives, from the total beginner to the most experienced, be they single males, couples or female. I especially like females as Mistress is bi-sexual

Please note: when emailing, if you can't be bothered to send me an explanatory email outlining your desires properly then how can you possibly submit? So one liners will go straight in the trash can. However, I do not expect to have a lengthy email discourse with you. Be concise and to the point if you wish to have email domination then use this service not my general enquiry email

Email Mistress Crystal

You are far more likely to reach Mistress via email, but if you do call please ensure you leave a contact number with any message or text so that Mistress can call back at a suitably convenient time. Discretion is assured.

Call Mistress Crystal on 0774 9105734 Phone or text

Mistress Crystal's phone will be turned off when Mistress is in session but texts will always be picked up and answered

If the icon below says that Mistress Crystal is online, you can chat with Mistress in real time. If it says that Mistress is offline, you can click it to leave a message for Mistress


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